17 thoughts on “Late Summer Haiku”

  1. Due to circumstances beyond my control, a third of summer slipped past without my being able to celebrate it properly. I intend to make the most of the remaining two weeks via a haiku chain. I’ll add my further haiku to this post in the comments. As is customary, WIZ’s haiku chains are open invitation. If you’d like to add a link to the chain, please feel free. Just add your haiku in the comments.

  2. Thanks, Tyler. “Thumbnail moon” will stay with me a while, along with an odd association my mind makes: “Click into image for larger view.”

    Daylight twice removed
    glows from low-burning lamps of
    moonlit sunflowers.

  3. Dragonflies are more persnickety about where they land than are damsel flies. Dragonflies prefer tips of dead branches and other pointy tip-tops. People generally lack those.

    I wonder if anybody has ever rescued a damsel fly from a dragonfly.

    Fall comes in equal
    Parts sunshine cool to the touch,
    Moonglow clouding stars.

  4. Maybe not damselflies, but roses — didn’t Blake say something about sick ones?

    Sunlight glows white through
    the back of the moonflower.
    Shining translation.

  5. Thanks for providing a link in the chain, terrance. Coincidentally, we both seem to have been thinking of fog.

    moonlight falls from clouds
    to flood shifting autumn mist:
    high desert white night

    I’m having difficulty letting go of a lost summer. Focusing on fall’s sparkles and wondering over depths of its darkness helps me cope.

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