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Bobcat by Steven L. Peck

by Patricia | 4.29.11

When the bobcat
flashed angrily through
the headlights
of Alan’s famous
we sliced the
silence to a primitive
stop and wild
grabbed the
.22s resting cold and
anxious on
the back seat

hunting hawks
from the car
wings folded

The canyon echoed the crack
crack, crack as we fired
at shadows

We didn’t know then,
the cat
have cured us
and the quiet Spring night
our burning


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*contest entry*

2 Responses to Bobcat by Steven L. Peck

  1. Patricia

    Stunning. Also interesting: the ways in which vehicles, young men, guns, and animals collide in some of your poems.

  2. Tod Robbins

    I really like the motion in this one Steve!

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