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Dinosaur Water by Harlow S. Clark

by Patricia | 4.15.11

We drink the same water the dinosaurs drank
–News Item

That one up there, towards the top, Camarasaurus
That skull provided the first evidence dinosaurs could hear
We found a complete set of ear bones

–David Whitman, Dinosaur National Monument, quarry building

The climate was much like it is today, he said
I imagine them by the river
Eating grass and deciduous leaves, sycamore and poplar
Drinking water and making water

Summer flow falling off
Spring flow increasing
When they heard the springing rush of mighty waters
Did they know it was their destroyer riding with power?

Passing over, tumbling them like rocks to be displayed
In their pride
On a cliff wall, mud long gone to rock
Water circling the earth for millennia of millennia

Filling this well for Rebekah to draw buckets, making water
A friendship offering for a traveler’s camels
As her son will roll the stone from the well and make water
Available to Rachel’s sheep
As Ammon will make water
Safe for Lamoni’s herders,
As Moses will make water
Pour from the rock
As Yeshua will make water
Into wine and call fishers across the water
To leave their nets and thresh the nations
To gather the sheaves grown from the water God made
To water the earth
As I make water
And bread and memory my Easter offering.
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4 Responses to Dinosaur Water by Harlow S. Clark

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  2. Sarah Dunster

    Water is such an ancient thing. Cycling, but all the same. I feel that, reading this.

  3. Patricia

    This piece reminds me of those little picture gadgets that if you tilt them one way you see one image and if you tilt it the other way, you see another image. Yeah–this poem is like that.

    I’m not sure yet, Harlow, if this is a wry poem or awry poem. :D

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