Eastern Exposure by Bradley McIlwain

Photo 3 by Bradley McIlwain

I walk barefoot through the grassy
your heaven – remembering your

green thumb and long sought after
lost to daydreams or disease.

The flowers you planted I never
the names of, something exotic,

I was never good in Latin. These
you spent
the most time with, watering them

like children. I think they listened to
you more.
Your sister says I have no business

gardening – I killed her Wisteria
the year before.
To her, mine is the thumb of death –

I’ve never been invited back. Today
the morning
turns her head toward pastel, more

self-reflective, enriching shaman’s
The willow we planted still stands

a Titan among the wind, but these
will spread their youthful petals

and die their best among the breeze.
the rain will come, and I’ll be gone.

I’ll have someone to look in on the


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  1. I like Bradley’s stuff very much. Very petular and Japanese. Besides, he’s Canadian, so greatness is a given.

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