Ramara in Autumn by Bradley McIlwain

Fall scene, photo by Bradley McIlwain

blue birds
and hover

over rich
and pumpkin

leaves –
with lush

lilies lying
along the cold

stream, peeling
of a great painter.


Bradley McIlwain is a Canadian-based writer and poet who lives and works in rural Ontario. His poems have been published in national and international print and online magazines. He holds a Bachelor of Arts, Honours, from Trent University, with a major in English Literature. His first book of poems, Fracture, is now available. (Link in “Fracture”.)

One thought on “Ramara in Autumn by Bradley McIlwain”

  1. Gorgeous vibrant colour and poetic essence. A timeless writer for our everchanging times. Highly recommend.
    Five stars.

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