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Singing the Sacred by Lou Davies James

by Patricia | 2.15.11


Cayuga Lake’s asleep again,
ice-locked at her edges.
Dressed once more
in shreds of white,
organza, wispy curls
across her skin-
beauty lying deeper
than her dreams.

Denise and I would skate
when we were girls,
flying toward each other
till we met and locking hands
would spin in dizzy circles,
laughter pealing bright
in frigid air;

innocent of life to come
and choices made,
of sorrow bearing arms
against the days
that rush ahead
with thawed intent-
the seasons spinning too.

Will you hold me
in your arms
as winter turns,
as icy stages thin
then melt away?

Singing to the Sacred,
the mocking bird
as Easter comes-
in the flowering pear
whose leaves are just now
loosening on the bough.


Lou Davies James grew up on the beaches of Eastern Long Island and currently lives in North East Florida with her husband Wes and far too many cats. She is the author of one full length volume of poetry, Adrift in the Holy, and two chapbooks; Drawn as Ever and Internal Insomnia. She has most recently been published in Victorian Violet Press.

4 Responses to Singing the Sacred by Lou Davies James

  1. Grace Davies Sarno

    Once again you touch my heart, my soul , my imagination with the magic of your words.

  2. Karen kelsay

    Lovely poem, and a beautiful picture!

  3. Patricia

    Especially, I enjoy the last stanza. Mockingbirds sing here in southern Utah in the spring, too, often into the night’s darkest hours. From now on, I’ll think of them as singing to the Sacred.

  4. Jonathon

    Is it your name or the poem that takes me south from Cayuga to Nola? There’s a surprising groove here that just coos for a melody.

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