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While we’re teetering on the very edges of our seats gripping our arm rests watching the heated race for the Most Popular Poem Award, I have a few announcements I’d like to make.


I’ve received publication announcements for two of Wilderness Interface Zone’s frequent contributors.

First, Karen Kelsay’s new book of poetry, Dove on a Church Bench, was released in April.  You can find it on Amazon by clicking here.  Congratulations, Karen, and best wishes for success with your book of verse.

Here’s a sample poem from Dove on a Church Bench:


by Karen Kelsay

Husband, I want to ripen into
a woman like your mother,
one who wiggles an arm
into the nook of a son’s elbow,
feet twisting obscure angles
across frosty streets, refusing a cane.
Whose only hope from tipping
over in the lane with a dizzy spell,
is not a bottle of pills, but a bag
of boiled sweets.
A stiff-upper-lip kind of lady,
who jeers at heart attacks
and broken hips, and raises hell
when trapped in a ward with old people.
One who still makes tea each
morning over the burner, even though
she catches her sleeves on fire.
A woman with no riches, but a few
baubles of costume jewelry
and collection of miniature brass
animals, given her one Mother’s Day,
that glint in the sun like a row
of diamonds.

Second, Steven L. Peck’s novel The Scholar of Moab has been accepted for publication at Torrey House Press.  Torrey House Press’ website describes The Scholar of Moab as “a dark-comedy perambulating murder, affairs, and cowboy mysteries in the shadow of the La Sal Mountains.”  I get sand in my teeth just reading the description.  Scholar of Moab’s tentative release date is October 2011.  To see more about Steve’s novel and about Torrey House Press, click here (scroll down).  Look for an excerpt from Scholar of Moab to appear at WIZ in the near future.

Creative projects

Sean Watson produced a mini-film titled Birth based on his poem “Provo” published as an entry in this year’s 2011 Spring Poetry Runoff Contest here at WIZ.  Sean describes the film as  “…piece designed to be written by the viewer’s experiences.”  To see Sean’s film Birth, click here.

Contests and publishing opportunities

Torrey House Press extended its deadline for its creative nonfiction contest from May 31 to September 30.  For this contest, Torrey House is looking for writers “with a passion for the environment, issues, people, history, and cultures of the Colorado Plateau and the West.”  Explore their site for more information on the creative nonfiction contest as well as for other contests and publishing opportunities they offer by clicking here.

And … I received a call for submission from Moab Poets and Writers soliciting work for their first annual literary journal Desert Voices, “a literary voice for our desert home and those who feel a connection to it.”  This new journal seeks original writing on “any subject matter, all genres, poetry and prose,” though my experience with this group suggests they’re especially interested in work about the Colorado Plateau.  Desert Voices seeks short pieces, poems not exceeding 40 lines and prose pieces up to 1200 words.  For more information, visit their website here. Deadline: July 11.

Few things would thrill me more than to learn that Wilderness Interface Zone readers and writers found homes for their writing at either of these places.

Also, any contributor or follower of WIZ having announcements they’d like aired here, please send your blurb to pk.wizadmin@gmail.com.

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