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Invitation by Enoch Thompson

by Patricia | 12.20.12

First Snow by Nonnecke

Excuse me, Winter,
Won’t you please come to tea
With the rustling wind
And yellow, red, falling leaves?

And when you leave,
Go giving a present–
A beautiful flower
Or butterfly pendant.

But please be swift.
The tea will be cooling
In the night wind.

With Love,


For Enoch’s bio and more poetry, go here.

Photo by Nonnecke.

2 Responses to Invitation by Enoch Thompson

  1. Sarah Dunster

    Love the Butterfly Pendant. Is this a butterfly body, dead and beautifully preserved among autumn leaves? That image just makes this poem for me.

  2. Patricia

    I think he means, spring–when winter leaves and butterflies appear in company with flowers.

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