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Miswinter by Jonathon Penny

by Jonathon | 1.11.12

"Alnwick Marketplace" by Andy Armstrong via Creative Commons, 21/1/06

I’ve had enough of deserts,
Wish to shed my summer clothes
And wear my long-forgotten woolen, warming winter robes.

Want mittened hands, and beating
Round my body in the cold
To ward off frost, to hover over heat and hearth and coals.

Want stockinged feet, and booted,
Want the crunch and whine of snow,
Want the red-cheeked strain of shoveling a passage to the road.

Want to warm the air with breathing,
Breathe the hale and hearty frost,
Want the windblown grace and loss of winter’s cradle, and its cross.

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6 Responses to Miswinter by Jonathon Penny

  1. ShannonBT

    Cool words make warm thought. Your “for more…go here” isn’t working.

  2. Jonathon

    Thanks, Shannon. Fixed now.

  3. Patricia

    This prompts memories of walking to school in Tucson in January and reaching to button my sweater not because I was cold but because I had an old and irresistible habit of buttoning my sweater in January. To my surprise, I discovered that I missed winter, too. I’m missing it this year, as well, though I’m living in what’s supposed to be high desert, which usually gets snow on its cacti. Unseasonably un-cold.

  4. Jonathon

    Oh, to wear a jacket! Thanks for the reminiscence.

    There’s something about this one that worries me a little: a tickling notion that it’s too much like too much else, but I can’t nail it down. Anyway, there are lines I like, and it’s alliterative in the right places, I think.

    Thanks for reading.

  5. Sarah Dunster

    We have gone from fairly frigid winters to completely howling, snow-piled winters. I’ve adjusted just in time for a year of absolutely no snow. Well, very little. My dreamed of sled-hill in the backyard will, I think, this year be a dream only :(

    Funny how the grass is always greener, too. I was ready to get out of freezing weather and into the more temperate climate of my hometown this Christmas.

  6. Sarah Dunster

    Should clarify–we moved this year (thus, the change in winters).

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