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There’s Nothing Like an Apple by Mark Penny

by Patricia | 4.18.12

There’s nothing like an apple
Not a thing
In summer, fall, millenium or spring
The crisp, collapsing clutter in the mouth
Wet sugar squirting east, west, north and south


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*Competition entry*

9 Responses to There’s Nothing Like an Apple by Mark Penny

  1. Merrijane

    Mmmmm. I like how you’ve put “millenium” in the spot where winter should go. Seems like a thousand years, doesn’t it?

  2. Th.


    I totally agree—that word made the poem my favorite thing today.

  3. Will Reger

    “Collapsing clutter” is the perfect phrase for what happens in the mouth when eating a really good apple.

  4. Mark

    You can thank a long string of really tasty apples for this one.

    I like those bits, too. I don’t know where “millennium” came from, but it fit right in. For me it has a real “After Apple Picking” feel. “Collapsing clutter” pleases me, too–on the page or in the mouth.

    Should I change “squirting” to “shooting”, though? More of a fireworky feel.

  5. Sarah Dunster

    The apple in this poem, for me, is green…one of those sweet green apples.

  6. Merrijane

    “Sugar shooting” has a nice alliteration. Although “squirting” really gets the saliva flowing. I’d say that’s a toss up.

  7. Mark

    Sounds like a leave-as. Thanks for the input, folks.

  8. Will Reger

    “Squirting” gives more the sense that the wet sugar is under the duress of teeth and tongue, more a sense of lushness, of the natural accident of being crushed and having juice fly everywhere as a consequence.

  9. Mark

    That clinches it. Thanks, Will.

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