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Attention Deficit by Enoch Thompson

by Patricia | 9.30.13


There is a tornado’s ghost of filth on the floor.
A harrowing neglect slinks in through the pores of my legs.
Pumping faster, I run off the bend and into the bush.
While branches close in, I hunch, curling up,
becoming the trees, the soils, a seed,
until I never knew any one thing before.


Enoch ThompsonEnoch Thompson is an aspiring poet and storyteller. He was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. He is a former student at Utah State University-Eastern in southeastern Utah. He has been homeless off and on since he turned 18, and is at present living with a long time family friend. He spent his first years of grade school being home-schooled and was illiterate until the fourth grade. He taught himself how to read, which is why he has a passion for reading and writing. He is too young, too unsure of himself, too ready to soak up the dramatic.  He says that the written word has affected him by opening his mind to various new perspectives and possibilities. He dreams of one day going to college at the University of California, Berkley.

4 Responses to Attention Deficit by Enoch Thompson

  1. Merrijane

    Oooh, so nice. That first line grabs and doesn’t let go.

  2. Sammy

    As always, you manage to paint a picture for everyone that is vivid, and as alive as the emotion behind your words. I’ve never been so proud of you. <3 :)

  3. Michelle

    Great poem Enoch. Keeping writing. You are an inspiring writer/artist. I am proud of you for continuing to write and pursue your dreams.

  4. some dude

    I wonder what his old best friends name was when went to patton elementary school

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