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Dancing Sky by A.J. Huffman

by Jonathon | 1.22.13


The nightstorms are the worst.
More terrifying.
The sharp shocks of light.
They leave a scar.
A memory.
An omen.
To remember often.
How much they look like cracks.

For Huffman’s bio and some additional poetry, go here.

Photo by National Severe Storms Laboratory via Wikimedia Commons.

2 Responses to Dancing Sky by A.J. Huffman

  1. Mark Penny

    I kind of like storms myself. There’s something alive about them. But my kids don’t like the thunder.

  2. Sarah Dunster

    I actually find storms at night relaxing. I love them. But my children always get scared. WE have a balcony and a big stretch of sky to watching lightning from, during summer and spring storms. Nothing more romantic ever existed…

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