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Dandelions Deserve Better by April Salzano

by Jonathon | 7.24.13


Dandelions Deserve Better

than the title weeds. Christened

with chemicals, spores fly

on mouths of wishes, migrating

over fields to land

in full yellow bloom, until someone

has a baby and its head pops off.


April Salzano has published with WIZ before, thus far about Nature’s underdogs. For a bio, look here.

Photo by Rene Mensen (Alias 0591) via Wikimedia Commons.

2 Responses to Dandelions Deserve Better by April Salzano

  1. Jonathon

    This is my favourite of the three from this week, April. Every time I’m told that a friend or relative has had a baby, I ask, “Did its head pop off?” Great minds . . . .

    Of course, the rest of it is delightful as well: replete with ironies, evocative of Wordsworth and Stephen King all at once. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jim Cobabe

    Technically speaking, dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) is an angiosperm not producing “spore”. Sorry, just the kind of thing I get stuck on…

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