How to Train Your Squirrel by April Salzano








How to Train Your Squirrel

to eat from a bowl is not an easy task.

You should choose a color other

than blaze orange, a material besides

plastic. Cajun almonds and salted sesame sticks

placed near the patio door seem to cause

aggression toward what used to be

his playmates in the yard. He chases away

all critters except the Nut Hatch who is able

to fly stealth operations and grab peanuts

without landing completely. Do not wait

until the blinking creature is scratching

at the glass to offer a treat. This reinforces

demanding behavior and does not promote

sharing with friends. Ignore the urge to touch

his patchy grey coat or to open the door

wide enough to permit his entrance.


Find recent work and a bio of Salzano here. Additional poems on WIZ are available here.


Photo by A.J. Huffman. Used with permission.

One thought on “How to Train Your Squirrel by April Salzano”

  1. Very wise, and also very foolish, no? I’d be inclined to train the little sweetie not to come asking in the first place. . . .

    Poetically: a delight. Enjambing the instructions into nearly uniform lines offsets the wisdom, and plays with the otherwise sobriety of the tone. I’m afraid, thanks to you, we’ve already permitted entrance by the end.


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