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WIZ Works(hops it) Out

by Jonathon | 3.18.13


Folks, we’ve kicked around the idea of a workshop space for some time: a place where we can post a promising bit of poetry and elicit comments from our contributors, readers, and curious onlookers.

The magic will take place over at our Facebook page, so if you’re over there, like the page and join in.

The rules, evolving ever, will be these:

1) editorial staff will post a poem a week (tops) to allow adequate time and attention;
2) compliments are encouraged, criticisms are invited, suggestions are welcome;
3) keep it courteous.

The objective is to groom poems for publication, so we’d like to see rigorous and productive discussion about the poems we workshop. We’d also like to see comments that bear in mind WIZ’s general culture and purpose. For some insight into what that is, read this.

Chris Peck has agreed to be our guinea pig. Starting today, we’ll engage with him and his already very fine and very interesting poem “Memories of a Fallen Branch.” Come on over and weigh in. We’d love to hear from you.

Image: Georges de la Tour’s “Saint Joseph charpentier, ca. 1640.

2 Responses to WIZ Works(hops it) Out

  1. Jonathon

    Peck’s poem is up over at FB as “WIZ Workshop #1.” See you there.

  2. Patricia K

    I also encourage folks to read WIZ’s About and Submissions pages. Click on the tabs in the navigation bar above the title of the post.

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