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Koru Sonnets by Tyler Chadwick

by Jonathon | 2.17.14


Koru 1


Koru 2


Koru 3


Koru 4


Koru 5


Koru 6

Fraser Elliot
Koru Glossary

Tyler ChadwickTyler Chadwick is a doctoral candidate in English and the Teaching of English at Idaho State University. His poems have been published in Dialogue, Metaphor, Irreantum, Salome, Black Rock & Sage, Wilderness Interface Zone, Victorian Violet Press Poetry Journal, Psaltery & Lyre, BYU Studies, and Likewise Folio. He received the 2009 Ford Swetnam Poetry Prize and the 2011 Association for Mormon Letters Award for Poetry and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. He also edited Fire in the Pasture: Twenty-first Century Mormon Poets and his multi-genre book, Field Notes on Language and Kinship, from which these sonnets are taken, was published in 2013 by Mormon Artists Group. He blogs at,, and

All images via Flickr under creative commons license. Some rights reserved. (faultless pajama, Nathan_W, kiwi kris, jcolman, Br3nda, Halans, Fraser Elliot)

3 Responses to Koru Sonnets by Tyler Chadwick

  1. Jonathon

    An Eliotic opener quickly trades Prufrock for p?whiri, welcomes solitude in the best Romantic spirit, as a shedding of distraction and the welcoming of the gods. From what I’ve seen of it, NZ is a rather apocalyptic space. Thanks for sharing these, Tyler.

  2. Merrijane Rice

    Wow. So much that is thought provoking here. And I really, really like the idea that the first woman’s first words would be, “I sneeze, there is life.”

  3. Lora

    Loved the feeling of a flow of senses.

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