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Excerpt: The Pictograph Murders by P. G. Karamesines

Dave’s post here caused me to reflect more self-consciously on what it is I do when I go out in the desert.  Do I walk off pavement’s edge to get away from stresses or disappointments?  Do I go out to have adventures?  To think?  Dave’s post is about seeking God in nature.  Is that what I’m doing–looking for God out there, in the Great Not-Me?  This passage from my novel, The Pictograph Murders, surfaced in response to introspection that Dave’s post provoked.  I think it sums up well enough what I do some of the time I’m out in Nature.     

The wash broadened into a fan of moist sand.  The walls, too, widened to form a rounded chamber capped by an azure disc of sky.  Just a few yards away lay a shallow plunge pool.  Kit waded in and drank noisily.  In the talus slope behind the pool, water clittered around three moss-framed, stone-keyed seeps.  The wiry and crooked little streams stepped and ruffled down slope to empty into the pool. Continue reading Excerpt: The Pictograph Murders by P. G. Karamesines