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Some Words by Dayna Patterson



Divorced from their meanings,

some words have lovely sound.



with its soft plosive puh,

the same oo as in moon,

a word poets are fond of.



could be a beautiful vine

with violet petals unfurling

around the kitchen bay window.



might refer to the delicate,

pale collar bones

of a water nymph.



could be generic for sanctuary,

a garden with no corpse flowers,

no odor of decay.


Bashar Hafez al-Assad

could be the name of a saint,

Saint of the underdog, of lost

buttons, of broken crockery.


Dayna Patterson is Poetry Editor at Psaltery & Lyre. For more, go here.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons by Doronenko, 2012, of an abandoned Jewish Cemetery in Trstin.

April Fool’s Day, 1997 by Sandra Skouson

So soon after the green grass,
jonquils showing, the willow
shining again, the joke is
on me.  I find a coat, boots,
muffler, drag the snow shovel
out of the shed.  How funny!
Three fender-benders here in
town and broken trees.  Up north,
four people died in a wreck.
Did you mean to blow the shell
off that white pickup, the
pie to be so salty no
one could eat it, my sister
to run from the room in tears?


To read Sandra’s bio and more of her poetry on WIZ, go here, here, and here.

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