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Pine Scars by Enoch Thompson


A pine cone
Bit through the seat of my jeans,
And on that day
I vowed never to climb pine trees.

Never again would I feel
The sap underneath
The triumph of
A climb’s ending.

There would be just the memory…
…that, and the falling…


Enoch Thompson is an aspiring poet and storyteller. He was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. He has been homeless off and on since he turned 18. He taught himself how to read, which is why he has a passion for reading and writing. He believes that becoming the best writer he can be is how he can become the best person he can be. He says that the written word has affected him by opening his mind to various new perspectives and possibilities. He hopes one day that his writing will be mind-blowing. Currently, he is a student at Utah State University-Eastern in southeastern Utah.