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When I See by Ashley Suzanne Musick

Honeybee_gathering_nectar Photo by Fifamed

That industrious black-banded yellow worker, the bee, and a dragonfly soar swiftly, silently through the sky

The glowing rosy crescent rising slowly after the iridescent sunset and the stars glinting like jewels amidst a sky as black as tar

The fresh greenery mushroom every spring and the rolling hills with their lush grassy frills

The sun shielded by a cloud as if by a shroud, illuminating its edges with its beams, and the multi-hued glow of a rainbow—

When I see the magnificence of my environment–

I witness

The talent of the Great Artist.


Ashley Suzanne Musick was born in 1989 on the twenty-sixth of February in the California city of Fountain Valley and raised and home-schooled in Anaheim.  In 2010 she moved to southwest Kern County, where she currently works on a farm and writes in her spare time.